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Solitude versus solidarity among people living with HIV/AIDS – ECAS 2019

Marie Paule COULIBALY,

Phd in sociologyChaire jean Rodhain

Context & Problem

  • African solidarity” can no longer be believed to be spontaneous, systematic and extensive.
  • Solidarity and cases of solitude can derive from internal mechanisms of each social context (family, friends, associations) where  PLWHA belong.
  • Several cases of solitude are noticed particularly with people who are victims of stigma and discrimination because of the infection to HIV/aids while some others receive the support of their siblings to contribute to their well-being
  • Our research analyses in which context these social practices (solitude and solidarity) are different and which mechanisms lead to theses situations.

Research questions

To what extend the factors of isolation and the logics of solidarity among people living with HIV/aids particularly in some rural and urban areas of Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana and Togo vary?

  1. What are the logics of  solidarity among people living with HIV/aids?
  2. What are the mechanisms that induce solitude or loneliness among PLWHA?


  • To analyze the context of rupture with the social links by describing the evolution from solidarity to the isolation of the individual.
    • the nature of the social relationships between the actors,
    • the conditions and motivations of the individuals to help or to refuse to help
    • In order to highlight the factors that influence the practice of solidarity and those that cause the isolation of the PLWHA.
  • To establish a classification of solitude based on the logic and the factors of variation of solidarity.

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